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    [quote='heimue','']- Member Projects - Club Talk (like Georgia Opelers "local" meeting stuff) Dieter[/quote]Member Projects are in the "Blog" Club talk Forums:[url='']United States[/url] Is this one good enough or would you like a GA one? [url='']Southeast[/url]
    [quote='DrinkMan','']I belong to lots of forums and some have great structures that make it very easy to navigate and also find your favorite subject. out of England has a great one even though not helpful for me because it does not cater very well to older cars. The technical section in is better for that. It has a section for all the different models (with a subsection for each model), a section for community discussion (with a different subsection for types of discussion like - Way Off Topic, Rants, Polls, Alfa Discussion, Motoring Discussion), etc... Suggest you go check it out. [url][/url] Another good one that is easy to navigate and helps you find things is Lotustalk [url][/url] Of the 10 car forums that I belong to, those 2 are easiest to find things. has the deepest amount of technical organization in that it matches the service manual but for those of us that are not intimate with the manual, it seems intimidating at first.[/quote]Thanks for the feedback. I'll check them out. I will be adding models to the years.
    The Marketplace is the place to list items that your are looking for or have for sale or trade. The check boxes at the top will set the category for your ad. Search = Wanted Offer = Offered For Sale Trade = Swap or trade items
    The member's Blog is the place for members to post and track their projects. From complete restorations to projects to enhance your Opel, members can post their progress and add pictures to compliment the blog. Comments from members will be added below the page so the flow of the post will not get cluttered
    Still working out the bugs, Mark. I've let a few know. I'm not trying to duplicate it. There's a lot of great info on there. Just trying to offer an up to date site without a lot of clutter and one that is easier to navigate. AG will never update it, their support is sporadic and I no longer have access to fix the day to day B.S. so it has the potential to get pretty messy...
    The site is now running the full release. A Blog module for member projects and a Gallery for photos were also added. Facebook and Google + logins will be functional soon.
    Welcome to the new Starting fresh with a new place for discussions on classic Opels. Many new features will be added shortly. Among them will be member blogs where you can post news about your Opel or track your project build. A gallery section for pictures of you car, events calendar and a file download section.