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    [size=12][b]NE Ohio Western PA 2016 Summer Meet[/b] It is time again to get ready for our Annual Summer Meet! This year, it will be held on Saturday, July 30, 2016, here at our home in Tallmadge. Plan to arrive any time after 10 am. We will provide pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw. Additional side dishes are welcomed. Anyone needing overnight accommodations just let us know, we have a couple spare bedrooms. Also if you need an address for your GPS or our phone numbers, just shoot us a PM and we will get the information to you. Looking forward to a good day of visiting with Opel people! Vickie & Allen[/size] [align=center][url='']Show event[/url][/align]
    Gary: I just spent about a half hour trying to do my signature. I kept getting the message that my signature was over 500 hundred characters, please fix. I redid and redid. The last time I counted all my characters, including spaces. I had under 150. Am I doing something wrong or is this a glitch? Thanks, Vickie
    [quote='Vanjoe','']I know there is good trout fishing near Carlisle. I could load the dirt bike, camping, fishing stuff and have a blast at Carlisle! [b]My Dad is also a fishing enthusiast and came with us to Carlisle a few years ago. He had all his streams picked out. Unfortunately, with the rain at the time the stream were too high to fish! So, just watch the weather and adjust which "fun" equipment you bring.[/b] But grandchild's first birthday party is the same weekend above NYC. I'm new at the grandparent thing.... Grandpa Opelers? would it be acceptable to go to Carlisle instead of NYC? :/ [b]The big day for Carlisle is Saturday. So it would be perfectly fine to request the grandchild's birthday party be late Sunday afternoon so you can go to it on your way back home![/b][/quote]
    I notice that there is a number on forums and gallery and I believe it indicates posts I haven't read yet. My question is with regard to chat. Can a number be made to appear to show when someone is in chat? It makes it easier to get a group going. Thanks!