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    [quote='CuriousGeorge','']you are getting every penny worth. Tell your lovely wife your red headed stepchild of an opel is making Opel history. [/quote]making history???
    Update for those following: Charles pulled the engine out... drum roll please... the block is TOAST! Kind of knew the news was gonna be bad... looks like Gordon's use of words" Nuclear Option" is coming out true. On the good side.. Charles discovered that the structural reinforcement underneath for the convert. is very solid.. some added welds/metal. Stay tuned... machine shop gets it this week.. Kudo's to Charles partner in this work Matt; who has Gordon's Red Barron... I send them some funds for a few cases of beer.... I know I could use a few after hearing about this car... If karma exists, the PO is gonna have some serious car issues after the BS he told me!
    My wife asked me today "will the Opel survive?" .. I think it was her way of trying to make peace with me after she told me that I should not have bought that car a dozen times! lol I just smiled and said it's in "critical condition... but the we've placed "her" in the best hospital ward we can" I'm gonna give Charles first crack at naming her once he's done. Seeing these pictures makes me feel better... I know that somewhere down the road that it will be a joy for my son (who this is really all for).. he's just 8 so I'm giving myself some time to get it Charles told me that it was badly out of tune, and that I was only using at best 20-30% of the engine power... amazingly.. even though I only drove the car less then 20miles so far.. I thought it was a blast to drive... I can't imagine how much better of an experience it will post "surgery" I think the PO had some real courage and skill in building the convert.. knowing now that it is "solid" make me congratulate him even more... NOW.. all that being said... the care for how the car drove and operated is a freakin shame... Charles is being kind when he describes the lights/electrical set up... I don't know anything about wiring and yet, when I saw that the wires used appeared to be left over cords from a toaster or lamp I knew I was hoodwinked! The speedo and tach don't work, the horn has a side button screwed into the side of dash, and I would bet dollars to donuts that half the other electrical stuff is completely wrong.. Perhaps.. the Opel gods truly wanted to save this car.. because it was on life support!
    Needless to say, all humor aside.. Charles should be seriously commended for his efforts to not only help me and save one more opel, but also help teach others. Additionally Gordon should be commended as well with one of his "life time achievement" awards! As I said to Charles.. several people told me to throw in the towel and cut my losses...including my wife (not so happy wife at the moment), but I felt like you can't be a classic car fan (an opel fan) and expect not to have bumps along the way.. and so... this thread begins... and maybe in a few years (with help and hard work) I'll have something a little better than a "laugher" cheers to all!