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    Check it out, you get to see it in several sections but at 8:48 was a FANTASTIC shot. Looking good guys. [media][/media]
    [quote='oldopelguy','']Honestly, the 2.0L turbo that's in the new Camaro is looking pretty good right now and over 275hp. There's a complete takeout, engine, 6-speed manual, wiring, and computer for sale near me for under $5k, with 13k miles on it. I'm seriously tempted to drop it in a Manta. [/quote]Well my point is that the GT has such a tiny engine bay, and this is a TINY little 4 cylinder that makes some serious hp. and is NEW and will be serviceable for years to come, and has a nice big engine sound. I am guessing the Camaro's 2.0L and turbo probably take up a little more room. But as for swapping one into a Manta where I am betting it has a little more room to work with, I am with Gary, that would be neat.
    There is a reason certain friends of mine and I have always refered to GM as "Garbage Motors". Only 2 vehicles in it's long history that I have ever had any appreciation for - The Opel GT (and of course we all know that the GT was only imported by GarbageMotors) and the 1987 Grand National GNX (of which I was offered a trade in exchange for my then 73 Opel GT, ...........OMG if only I had known then what I know today). The rest is garbage by a garbage company. Truly sad we have so many like GM in the world. Oh well, at least we in the states got to enjoy the GT's, and received exposure to Opel as a whole because of GM.
    Hey guys, any of you seen this? Anyone have the money to make the first attempt? I know I am drooling at the thought of what could be!!! [url][/url] Watch the youtube video at the bottom THAT"S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT 8o 8o 8o
    Well it's not just OpelGTdotCom, it's ALL the web sites that crappy canadian company has dug their fingers in. I have over a half dozen sites that I used to frequent and that were busy with hundreds if not thousands of posts a day, now all of them have the same or very similar issues. The common denominator? I give you three guesses and the first two wont count. Screw them. You want to help get rid of them, spread the word about this place and KILL THEIR WEB TRAFFIC. Nothing takes down a site faster than NO WEB TRAFFIC. BTW, this is not a bash on canooks, I have a lot of friends who are canooks, but that company is garbage and they need to be shut down. So, onward and FORWARD with no need to support them turds. Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU GARY for seeing the mistake of letting them take over and going to the effort to get this site going. You are a godsend to the Opel community. Now how about creating some Off-Road forums, some Mopar forums, some Victory forums, etc. LOL. Just kidding man, you did enough just doing this site :)
    [quote='Gary','']There are some issues going on with that site since the upgrade. One of them is text cannot be entered into the reply box making it impossible to post. I sent them an email last night. [/quote]Yeah, but there is always here, so matter not. And thank you for making it so Gary :D
    No. Mount Rushmore is on the west side of South Dakota. I am on the east side of North Dakota. And I will take the ocean over this flat desolate prairie, ANY day.
    [quote='Martel71GT','']definitely need more traffic through here though [/quote]Yeah, newer sites are always slow going for awhile. Sadly some of the old codgers and sheeples over at the "other site" are stuck in the past and must like being spied on, blasted with ads/adware/viruses and censored. To bad for them. As the old saying goes "you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink"
    Ditch the points and Solex. Points are as outdated as a horse drawn chariot, and I am pretty sure Mr. Scaramanga will be paying you a visit if you dont get rid of that Solex. Unless of course you believe James actually succeeded in killing him.
    Yes, it is actually much more user friendly than the other site, IMHO. And what do you know, they don't require a govt quality encryption system for a simple login, nor do they try to imply that without it your whole entire online presence will be stolen and your life destroyed because THEY do not know how to keep there web site safe. No adds popping up everywhere trying to sell me crap I don't want or need, and so far I have not been accosted by any so called moderators who want to try to assert/force THEIR beliefs or opinions on me. Yes, I am MUCH MUCH happier with this site than the "other".