Parts Suppliers in the U. S.

  • - is a U.S location for inquiries about parts for the following Opels:

    Rekord P1, Rekord P2, Rekord A, Rekord B, Rekord C, Rekord D, Commodore A, Commodore B, Kapitaen P1, Kapitaen P2, Kapitaen A, Kapitaen B, Admiral A, Admiral B, Diplomat A, Diplomat B, Manta A, Manta B, Ascona A, Ascona B, Kadett A, Kadett B, Kadett C, Kadett D, Monza, Senator A, Senator B. - is a U.S. location for OEM and used Bitter parts. - Opel GT Source is a major supplier of new and reproduction parts for the Opel GT, Manta A. Ascona A and Kadetts. - Opels Unlimited - Your One Stop Opel Shop for ALL U.S. Imported Opels from 1960-1979.