Big Howdy from Plumsteadville

  • Hello,
    My name is Kyler and just because I have Opel stuff hanging everywhere, half my spirals for college have Opels drawn on every page, and I can't seem to buy enough GT's doesn't mean I have Opelitis or Opelholism! I'm perfectly normal!

    -1970 Opel GT "Mira" (ARA AC).
    -1971 Opel GT LeMons Rust Bucket
    -1972 Opel GT "Nineteen" topless GT project (ARA AC).

  • My name is Dieter (although you will eventually call me Deiter, Diter, Deeter or Peter), and I have 8 Opels. I do not need any Opels, I just give them a little shelter. I do not have room (or money) to give any more Opels any more shelter, that's why I reduced the reading of the "Opels for Sale Section" on Ebay, Autotrader, Mobile and Autoscout24 from two times a day to only one time a day. See? - I can stop it at any time!
    Sorry guys, I'm back, just checked out this awesome Kadett 16V on this German web site. It needs some shelter...
    But what was I saying? Oh yeah, I am not sick, I do not have Opelitis. The virus has passed.
    Wow, look at these wheels... and all the chrome... BO EY!


  • Hi Duane,
    My name is Mike. I own a 1973 GT that I have had since 2002. Lots of spare, brand new parts down the cellar. Splendid has a nice Getrag shift tower and a fancy throttle linkage assembly that will fit nicely for my SSD midi kit manifold. I will need to eat peanut butter sandwiches for the remainder of the month to buy this gear. Then I must repeat the process next month when I need to get window rubber.......

    I do not have an Opel problem....... I can eat bologna sandwiches any time instead of Jiff!

    Does anyone know what the exchange rate is these days?

    Welcome Aboard!

  • <woltlab-quote data-author="M.J. Notigan" data-link=""><p>Does anyone know what the exchange rate is these days?</p>
    <p>Welcome Aboard!<br>Mike<br><img src="" class="smiley" alt="^^" height="23" srcset=" 2x"></p></woltlab-quote><p>Getting very close to even. 1 Euro equals<br>1.05 US Dollar</p>

  • I recently had an Opelectomy and an artificial Opel implanted. I had to have the old Opel surgically removed, but I saved some of it to get my remaining old Opel working. It's tough getting old.