classic registry

  • Sorry, I am lost. I can open and look around the registry from left to right, top to bottom, but I can not find anywhere to enter my data, For some reason I am able to down load a copy and modify that copy. I don't know why I should be able to do that.

    I admit defeat, I could use some directions.

  • THANKS for putting on the link. I swear I clicked on every picsel (sp), and never got that form to come up.

    I think I know what happened. I never log out so I thought that I would not have to log in. Like today, I did not log in, read your comment, clicked on the link and summited my info, So I thought that I still was logged in. But when I tried to send you a thanks, I couldn't. I had to log in again. I am still learning.

    Thanks again.