GM Dipstick in Steel Pan

  • How to cure the leaky dipstick on motors with steel pans, where the dipstick seats into the block. It will also make your motor look better in the long run and make access to the dipstick easier.

    Parts needed:

    Aftermarket replacement chrome dipstick for a Chevy Small Block

    A set of Opel EFI seals ( BMW or Volvo etc.. should work).

    For the 2.4L or if your converting a motor from a AL pan to a Steel pan.

  • You have to drill the hole. First drill through a 5/16" through the block, then with a 1/2" drill bit go down 3/8" for a place for seal.

    Best to have NEW Drill bits when going at the cast iron.. save you a lot of time and hassle. Dull drill bits and cast iron don't go together.

    On motors with steel pans already you can skip the drilling part. Which is good if the motor is in the car because, well I know I shouldn't have to tell anyone, but drilling through the block creates a LOT of shavings.. and probably best to have the oil pan off if your going to drill the block.

    Trim tube to fit, top and bottom. If you have a steel pan already you may not have to trim the bottom.

    Insert 1 ( or 2 seals if you already have the steel pan and the larger factory hole drilled ) on end of tube and lube seals.

    Sometime sliding the seals in first about half way, then tube makes it easier ( This is more true if you drill the smaller hole. Overall depends on the seals you have and the size of the hole.

  • Then take the flat brace that comes with the dipstick, and bend with a 90 bend the one in the kits I use is Stainless so the chrome won't crack or anything.

    Then put two (or three) seals on top of the stop. And adjust bracket to put a little tension down on the tube.

    Bolt in place.

    Intially trim end of dipstick until its short enough to seat in top of tube.

    Note the new dipstick and a bend to stay in the tube and a cup on the top to keep the oil from venting oil all over the motor.

    When you have the length bend the end of the dipstick with a nice curve. Then slide it in as shown.

    Fill motor to the proper amount of oil as per manual, and check dipstick and mark your oil level.