Whats your opinion on 1970's Opel GT?

  • Hello everyone,

    As a teenager in high school, I'm looking for a good first car. I settled on a Opel GT after seeing a neighbor of mine had one sitting on his front lawn. The car itself is in OK/Good condition but defiantly has its fair share of battle scars.

    After a few conversations with the owner I found out what the make and model of it was, and the type of engine it was sporting.( 1969 Opel GT, 1.9 L, 102 Horsepower.) I also understand that these cars are a more rare item and are hard to come by in this good of condition without some sort of engine mods in place.

    I have enough money right now to buy it from the owner (I still have yet to speak to him about this) but he has told me in the past he would sell it to someone if they offered him $ 10,000. But after find out other prices on car i also would like to own i have grown hesitant.They cost more than I have. They're a 1969 Corvette Stingray in great condition and a 1967 Ford Mustang. The mustang cost the same as the Opel ,but its in bad shape and will need a lot of work done on it.