2017 Carlisle

  • I just made my Reservation for the Carlisle Opel Weekend... All the
    rooms are in a block on the 2nd floor ..near the Conf. room so it won't
    be hard to find your room after Bench racing is done
    6 rooms for Thurs 18th May. and 30 rooms for the Fri and Sat (19th & 20th May)

    Here's the Contact info. In case there are some newbie's that want to join us.

    Days Inn Carlisle North 1825 Harrisburg Pike Carlisle, PA 17015 Tel: (717) 245-2242 Fax: (717) 258-4881

    """" IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU WOULD POST HERE IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND"""" Let's start using this site more...it's not so bad.. ^^

    Good Luck... See you'all There