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    [quote='Yellow73GT','']Welcome aboard RB, glad to see you made it :) Very nice work on that pan. So whats your opinion of the Motus V4? [/quote]Looks pretty neat. I'm sure it sounds cool too. Though at $10,000+, I'd have trouble justifying it, at least for myself. I can get more than 185 hp from a CIH for a lot less money. The biggest issue with bike-based engines is almost always the gearbox. They have small gears designed to handle the power the engine makes and the weight of a bike. When you quadruple the vehicle weight, the torque capacity of the gearbox goes way down, making them quite fragile. It would be okay in a lightweight Caterham or similar, but not a 2300 lb (with passengers) car. Same goes for the relative lack of flywheel weight and small OD clutches. Then there's that silly "no reverse" issue with bike transmissions. Lol.
    [quote='oldopelguy','']Honestly, the 2.0L turbo that's in the new Camaro is looking pretty good right now and over 275hp. There's a complete takeout, engine, 6-speed manual, wiring, and computer for sale near me for under $5k, with 13k miles on it. I'm seriously tempted to drop it in a Manta. [/quote]Same basic engine as the Solstice, Buick Regal, Cobalt SS, etc. Very tall, and the real bitch is the oil pan fitment. Jus ask Todd Kirby how much his oil pan cost to have built....$1000 plus. I modified a stock Ecotec oil pan for Travis' 2.2 Ecotec Manta swap, and it took like 10 hours of aluminum TIG welding and fabrication. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
    Non-chlorinated is a given in my trade. If you weld on something that was previously cleaned with chlorinated brake clean, it creates phosgene gas. Breathe it in, and you create serious health issues, or you die. I've used non-chlorinated NAPA brake clean and honestly it works just fine. Not up to speed on other brands.
    Typically there is no contact with municipalities. As the target speeds are low (legal) and the cars must be street registered and insured, it falls within the confines of a non-speed (race) event. Although a person who has made errors with the route instructions may feel obligated to make up for lost time.....:)
    Hmmmm, you guys have a pretty full autocross and rallycross schedule but I don't see a single TSD event on the list. Bummer. [url][/url]
    Ernie sent me pics of his transmission after that debacle. He's running a BMW gearbox adapted to the Opel block. The pressure plate is what actually let go. It completely removed the bellhousing from the gearbox! The transmission is junk now since the bellhousing is integral with the transmission case. I just sent him a new headpipe I fabricated as his old one had about 15 cracks in it in addition to another 20 or so cracks that had been previously welded up. The hard part was not having the car on hand, I had to make a jig off the old pipe in order to make the new pipe.