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    Hi Duane,
    My name is Mike. I own a 1973 GT that I have had since 2002. Lots of spare, brand new parts down the cellar. Splendid has a nice Getrag shift tower and a fancy throttle linkage assembly that will fit nicely for my SSD midi kit manifold. I will need to eat peanut butter sandwiches for the remainder of the month to buy this gear. Then I must repeat the process next month when I need to get window rubber.......

    I do not have an Opel problem....... I can eat bologna sandwiches any time instead of Jiff!

    Does anyone know what the exchange rate is these days?

    Welcome Aboard!

    Hi Fellow Opelers!

    My name is Mike and I have owned my 73 GT since 2002. She's a stock 1.9 automatic but we have plans for the coming few years in changing things around. As I become more proficient in posting photos, I'd like to share in her rebuild when that time comes. Hope you come along for the ride! :) She was a one-owner (elderly lady) GT, bought and traveled throughout California before I bought her and took her east to New Jersey. Lots of small dings, dents. She was rust free but living in the NJ climate since 2002 has begun taking a toll on her. Been collecting parts from the GT Source since I bought her, with still more parts to go! I see the time has never been better for new products coming to market for our GT's, both here and in Germany.

    I literally stumbled upon the new site; had no clue as to it's existence until a few weeks ago. It's nice to see familiar screen names already onboard. A few I've already had the pleasure of meeting in person. I wish Gary the best in this new endeavor!

    Best Wishes,