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    Sounds interesting. What sort of coordination with municipalities needs to be done in advance? I get that it wouldn't be a high speed Cannonball Run sort of thing but I'd want to make sure we weren't opening the club (and members) up to unforeseen liability. That said... It sounds cool and I want to participate.
    [quote='wrench459',''][url][/url] [url][/url][/quote]Dan, The Mitty sounds like something we should plan for. What was the link to Roebling Road calendar for? ...(I've enjoyed high speeds on my BMW motorcycle there)
    It was a good meet on Saturday. Lots of folks turned out. When are we doing it again? Usually we discuss that prior to everyone leaving but I didn't hear anything this time. Our usual second weekend, every other month would put us at May 9. How does that work for everyone?