What are your Winter Projects?

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    My GT and Senator are tucked away for the winter.

    Right now I am doing a motor swap in a VW Vanagon for a friend. Once that is finished, I will be bringing my '51 Olympia out of its 4 year hibernation and replace the fuel pump to get her back to running condition. The interior will get some work after that with new carpets, headliner and new gauges on the list so far. If all goes smoothly with that, the 24v wagon will be back in the shop for more tweaking.

    Glad that I have heat in the garage. :thumbup:

  • Awaiting cam from vendor and head from machine shop. Not expecting to have Opel parts, interest, or time (simultaneously) til after January.

    Early this year I sold a house we had bought & fixed up. Focus this winter is paying taxes on that venture and spending leftover money on some LONG overdue remodeling projects in our own home!

  • What kind of maintenance or modifications are you taking on during winter?🤔

    I posted a few weeks ago i was swapping to the 01 dashboard and thats pretty much set.

    I ordered some control arm bushings from figs engineering. Man let me tell you, when you dont have the right tools for a job it makes it so much harder 😆 and finally replaced my ball joints!👏🏽🙌🏽

    Also removed the factory harness covering and wrapped it in tesa tape. If you dont know, its a cloth type, abrasion resistant harness covering. Lot of oem manufacturers use it. Using it reduced the thickness of the harness which hopefully helps me get some clearance around the heater core lines. (Reduced clearance due to v8)

    After this I'll be jacking up the rear and seeing what bushings need to get replaced back there as well.

    What are yall working on??