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    There was an issue earlier this week with a database which caused high server usage and resulted in the site being taken off line.

    I think this has been resolved. But I am taking a cautious approach to this by disabling the add-on features and will be enabling them to the main program one per day.

    We should be back to normal by Monday.

    I have located a pretty powerful Chat Room program that allows for single or multiple chat rooms with text, audio, video, file uploads, etc.

    I want to check to see if this is a feature that will be used before I purchase it,

    When I bought my wagon from a guy in NJ, he told me "the motor was rebuilt by the most reputable shop in NJ."

    One day, I was driving it and all of a sudden the oil pressure dropped. I shut it down. After a couple of minutes, It started and ran normal.

    When I got it home I pulled the rockers and noticed 2 of the lifters had holes in the center where the rocker rides. The ball on the rocker was worn and had a small bump from the hole causing the rocker to shift and oil pressure to drop. Evidently, they substituted a lifter from an OHV motor which uses that hole to lube the rocker for the Opel one. The lifter dimensions were the same with the only difference being the hole in the center.

    There is a GM lifter somewhere out there that we may be able use by swapping out the center piece.

    A new Links program is up and running. Members can add or comment about their favorite Parts Supplier, Club Page, Web site, You Tube Channel, or Social Media links.

    I am slowly adding the sites that are in our Parts Supplier forums.

    I am looking into adding several new add-on programs to

    • Links program where members can add links to their favorite vendors or Opel related sites.
    • User Map that will show members locations, members located in an area or region, and travel maps to other members.
    • Chat Room for real time member conversations

    The main program this site runs on has a major release available with many improvements. I am holding off buying that until all the add-ons we have are also compatible with that upgrade. Right now, the only one left is the Filebase.

    Many files have been added to the Lexicon File Library and there are many more to come.

    Comments and requests are welcome!

    After searching on and off for several years, I finally found an integrated file sharing program. Documents and files can be uploaded to specific categories and then viewed or downloaded by members.

    The 1973 Opel Factory Service Manual is up along with several other files. I am slowly adding more.

    Comments are welcome. Message me if you need to have a category added.

    Check it out using the Header link or here.

    The Filebase does not recognize compressed Winrar files. The best format for viewing and downloading is PDF.

    I can set up a FTP account where you can upload them to the server and I can go from there.

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