1973 Opel Factory Service Manual

Opel Factory Service Manual
1A 1A-Battery and Cables 1B 1B-Starting System 1C 1C-Ignition
1D 1D-Charging System 1F 1F-Windshield Wipers 1G 1G-Signal Systems
1H 1H-Instrument Panel 1I 1I-Gauges 1J 1J-Wiring Diagrams
2A 2A-General Information 2B 2B-Body Mounts 2C 2C-Windows and Window Moldings
2E 2E-Rear Compartment 2F 2F-Roof and Sun Roof 2G 2G Seats, Interior Trim and Headlining
2H 2H-Bumpers 3A 3A-Front Suspension 3B 3B-Steering Linkage
3C 3C-Front End Alignment 3D 3D-Steering Gear Assembly 3E 3E-Steering Column
3F 3F-Rear Suspension 4A 4A-Propeller Shaft and Central Joint 5A 5A-Power Brake Booster and Master Cylinder
5B 5B-Disc Brakes 5C 5C-Drum Brakes 6A 6A-Engine
6B 6B-Cooling System 6C 6C-Fuel System 6D 6D-Exhaust System
6E 6E-Carburator and Throttle Linkage 6F 6F-Emission Control System 6G 6G-Tune Up
7A 7A-Clutch 8A 8A-Hood, Fenders and Grille 9A 9A-Heater System: GT
9C 9C-Radio: GT Credits FSM Credits