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  • Ok, I’ve joined your new website. How do I get our opel club, here in Wichita, listed under clubs?

    • In the Forums section, scroll down to the "Regional Clubs and Gatherings" Section and start a new thread in your region.
      You can also create "Events" for your meetings in the calendar section.
      let me know if you have any more questions or suggestions.

  • Hi Gary! I finally got around to see your Alt Opel IG USA site. I am member number 3400.

    I was wondering whether you could put my two sites into the USA Opel parts suppliers section:

    My goal is to help Opel owners who do NOT have a GT, Manta, Ascona etc. in the US to get their parts from Germany. However, although I came up first in Google searches in 2003 I am now buried on page 179 ...

    It is NOT my intention to interfere with Gil or anybody else who supplies parts for "US main stream Opels". Gil an I are on more than friendly terms and I want to keep it that way :-)

    He too sends people with non-official Opels my way as he is busy enough with his GT business.

    Oh, on the opel site check out the blog, I am now learning metal shaping :-)



    • All set Achim. Let me know if the post is okay.

      My Senator is running well. I finally found the cause of the battery draining. The starter solenoid was leaking voltage to ground.

      I also have my '59 Rekord P1 up for sale on our Ad Board:

      BTW, I managed to get to the top of the first page by using a Search Engine Optimum (SEO) program.

      Nice job on the Rekord! I like working with metal. I learned a lot when I built my 24v Ascona A wagon. Had to redo the firewall and trans tunnel. ( I need to drop the motor as it developed a "rattle" just when you lift the throttle. It might be due to me not putting proper baffles in the oil pan when I made a rear sump pan. I will be replacing the timing chains at that time.

  • Thanks for getting me out of the river!

  • Gary, I was on and there's a thread about wiring diagrams. Brad pointed out the wiring training manual that he loaned me and I scanned and sent to you. Apparently, it says that AGadmin has disabled the download function. Do you plan on having a similar feature here? If so, I an send you the files again. They're on a PC at work, so it would be Monday. Let me know.

    Thanks again for all that you do for us.

    • You can upload them in the Filebase. I had them in another program on this site but there was a conflict with this site.
      Trying it again: