Project Articles by Gary

    This article will document the installation of Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) into my 1972 Opel Ascona wagon.

    The EPAS:

    I purchased an EPAS from a 2007 Saturn Vue for a local yard for $50.

    This unit requires an input from a sensor on the wheel to determine the amount of assist needed. There are several aftermarket controllers available to workaround the speed sensor. I ordered one on eBay from bruno_steering .

    epowersteering sells complete kits and components for this conversion. Their accessories page include couplers and other components.

    Connecting the EPS unit to the Opel steering column

    Here is the Saturn EPS next to the Opel steering column. The splines on the EPS are 3/4-36 on the steering wheel side and 16.5mm-36 on the rack side.

    Wheel side connection: I will be going back to the yard and pick up the upper column to use those components for connecting the wheel side. That will give me more flexibility for this mod.

    Rack side connection: An epowersteering

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    I picked up a rear end from a 1990 Volvo 240 with a 3.73 ratio and will be putting it in my 24 valve Ascona wagon.

    I drilled the axles to a 4x100 pattern today (5x108 is stock) and a G80 locker carrier will be here tomorrow.

    [Blocked Image:…entid=104465&d=1392179008]

    As of now, I'm leaning toward using the Opel spring buckets with adjustable arms and a torque arm going up to the Opel center joint mount. This will allow the Opel shock mounts and panhard bar mounts to be used.

    Another option was sent to me by dsmith which needs more looking into. In that GT install, the Opel springs were mounted on the Volvo trailing arms and the arms matched up to the Opel front mounts. Two links from the axle to the training arm stabilized the axle. Shock and panhard mounts were relocated.

    The brake system on the rear end needs replacing. The Volvo e-brake uses brake shoes on the inside of the rotors and both were in real rough shape. Rock Auto and Advanced auto

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    Article by Otto Bartsch

    Simplest installation of electronically triggered ignition in a GT is to purchase and use Pertronix/Hot-Spark trigger and stock coil. Here's how:

    1. Remove cap, rotor, points and condenser with green wire from distributor and disconnect green "condenser/points" wire from coil. Leave everything else connected as-is.
    2. Install Pertronix/Hot-Spark trigger amp module where points were, do not tighten mounting screws yet.
    3. Run red and black module wires out "points wire" hole in side of distributor and install grommet in "points wire" hole, leaving a bit of slack on both wires inside of distributor.
    4. Push black plastic magnet unit onto distributor shaft and seat over points cam.
    5. Adjust trigger amp module to magnet unit clearance using clear plastic gauge that is provided and tighten trigger module screws.
    6. Replace rotor and cap . . . you're now done with the distributor.
    7. Connect black Pertronix/Hot-Spark wire to coil contact from which you removed the

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