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    My GT and Senator are tucked away for the winter.

    Right now I am doing a motor swap in a VW Vanagon for a friend. Once that is finished, I will be bringing my '51 Olympia out of its 4 year hibernation and replace the fuel pump to get her back to running condition. The interior will get some work after that with new carpets, headliner and new gauges on the list so far. If all goes smoothly with that, the 24v wagon will be back in the shop for more tweaking.

    Glad that I have heat in the garage. :thumbsup:

    So... 800 miles after a rebuild, all 4 exhaust lifters are damaged and the exhaust cam lobes are worn. But the intakes are fine. It sounds like the exhausts were set too tight. zero lash plus 3/4 to 1 turn (after they are pumped up) is the setting. If it was just one lifter, I'd say it was defective or the oil galley was blocked and starved the lifter. But all 4?

    One other thought. Was it a new or used cam?

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    Gary started a new event:

    From a post by Cat Cams on

    CIH competition rocker arms


    I'd like to share some information about our OPEL CIH competition rocker arms.
    We have totally redesigned the CIH rocker arm system, with following highlights (indicated per intake / exhaust pair, in order of fitment):

    - 2 threaded studs which replace the original studs
    - 2 aluminum 7075-T6 rocker arms with steel pushrod insert
    - 1 rocker arm shaft which is fitted on the threaded studs
    - 2 custom nuts which lock down the complete system
    - 2 valve adjusting screws (Mahle)
    - 2 solid cam followers with dedicated coating
    - 2 long pushrods (Manton)

    -> the rocker arms will strictly rock, no side forces on the valve stems for aligning the rocker arm
    -> the valve clearance is set by setting screws, not by a floating rocker arm shaft
    -> long pushrods for reduced angular movement
    -> lubrification through rocker arm shaft > rocker arm > pushrod > cam follower
    -> no machining required: direct replacement of OE parts in the car by just removing the valve cover
    -> currently tested to 8.500rpm
    -> produced 100% in Germany

    Price per pair (1 intake + 1 exhaust): €370 / $370
    -> you need 4 pairs for a 4 cylinder engine
    -> you need 6 pairs for a 6 cylinder engine
    -> volume discounts available

    We are fully aware that this is a lot of money. These parts have been designed, produced and validated in Belgium / Germany with the greatest possible care, and we have chosen to make a setup without compromises to obtain the best possible performance.
    These parts are intended for competition use only and may not be street legal in your region.

    You can browse our homepage "" for camshafts, adjustable cam wheels and more valvetrain parts. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

    Kind regards,
    Ken Stessens
    (product development)