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    Very Cool !!! I am indeed liking the throttle cable and doing away with the rods that's where my gt't stiffer than I like throttle bothers me not that's it's terrible but just enough to be bothersome.

    UUGGHH the wiring, son of a biscuit eater, that's never fun

    Great idea with the grease fittings

    Keep up the great work it all is looking fantastic

    Give it time. They broke OpelGT dot com, so people will eventually figure it out or they won't. I am here and not looking back. And I did hit up a good 30 people or so so it's not like no one knows where to come.

    well just in case I'm glad I saved all the pics from my gt so I won't have to rely on them always being over there in the event it does crash or dissolve

    Well I hope I'm welcome here

    I have no problem with hand me downs or advise/being told what to do

    Some of the committed members on the old site have been very welcoming and helpful to me as a good friend would And I appreciate that very much

    You know who you are

    Thank you for all your help support and kindness:thumbsup:

    woo hoo

    We got it all back together no pops no bumps no thumps

    Spun the tires on the dirt road for fun the hit the pavement to open it up she scoots along perty goooddd

    A little road noisy but the back is empty only the fuel tank at the moment

    will probably insulate to help with this

    I just hope it's only road noise and not a bearing issue

    WOW I deal with phosgene gas quite a bit in my line of work

    I have learned over the years to allow the residual refrigerant to bleed off before soldering up refrigerant lines but sometimes it's unavoidable

    So I take deep side breathes out of the phosgene zone and hold it as long as I can to get the job done

    Right on My friend Mike,

    I had a time trying to figure out how to get the old seal out

    But I got creative and cut the ring in the old seal (carefully) so not to score the housing and pried it out with a big screw driver

    I was surprised a little how the new one went in with out to much trouble

    My son and I started getting it all back under the car yesterday and stopped at the torque tube mount as it didn't seem to want to line up just right on the first attempt.

    I then had a mental note pop into my head that it was time to put the tools down and walk away:thumbsup: