Hi from down under in NZ!

  • Hi, just been browsing around the web and came across this site. I run the http://www.OpelForum.org.nz website in New Zealand, and currently have a collection of Opels from 70s - 90s: from '73 Opel GT and Manta A, '84 Monza GSE, '85 Senator A and '89 Senator B, to '93 Omega A wagon and sedan. The GT is of course a lefthand drive Opel, and I'm currently repairing some damage to the nosecone from the previous owner in UK. I did also have a '74 Rekord C coupe that I repaired and painted, but should never have sold that car :(

    Grew up with Opels in the family in UK, with Dad driving Commodore Bs and Monza GSE/Senator A. My brother also had a Kadett D and then a Manta B coupe. I learnt to drive in a Kadett C, then moved on to an Ascona B coupe for a number of years. That was too rusty to ship to NZ when we moved in '99 so had to sell that on to a collector in Ireland.

    I run the OpelForumNZ page on FB too if you want to look us up. Bye for now :thumbsup: