Offer Opel Windshields

  • BIG News :

    Found a company I can get windshields from with options on the tint and such.. ( Weird thing is the most expensive tend to be the clear / clear option ).

    Opel GT ( $606 to $896 )

    Kadett B ( $670 to $945 )

    Manta A ( $644 to $875 )

    Ascona A ( $571 to $850 )

    BUT.. I have to order at least 10 to get to these prices. They quoted a 4 week lead time to get.

    Prices include shipping to my location from the UK, and all fees and taxes. Does not include shipping to you from Virginia. Your welcome ( Encouraged.. ) to come pick it up to save on shipping and possible damage.

    I am considering talking to a local glass shop to see if they will ship and or handle claims anyone might have.

    Need to know interest as soon as possible.

    Other optional windshields available:

    OPEL MONZA (1978-1983) OPEL MONZA (1983-1987) OPEL KAPITAN (1956-1957) OPEL KAPITAN (1958-1964) OPEL KADETT A (1962-1965) OPEL REKORD 1700, A/B (1963-1966) OPEL REKORD B COUPE (1963-1966) OPEL REKORD C COMMODORE (1966-1972) OPEL KAPITÄN, ADMIRAL,DIPOLMAT (1972-1976) OPEL REKORD II/CPE 'D' COMMODORE B (1972-1977) OPEL REKORD II/D,COMMADORE (1972-1977) OPEL ASCONA B (1975-1981) OPEL KADETT C (1975-1983) OPEL MANTA B (1975-1989) OPEL REKORD (1978-1983) OPEL KADETT D (1980-1984)

    If someone needs a special windshield for a Fiat, Citroen, etc.. I can probably get that as well.


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  • I would like to buy a new windshield for my 69 GT......Can anyone send me a link or source that's not expired?