Determining Opel Values for Opels in the US

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    In an attempt to keep up to date.. when cars of note pass across auction blocks, ebay, BAT, or even private sales, etc.. this will be updated. As many can debate what they will sell it for.. no one can debate what things have SOLD for..

    For those that do not know me..

    I have been pulling, saving, buying and selling Opels for a long time. I started an Opel Club (The OANA) back in the 90s and for about a decade I was on the NADA board for Classic Car Values covering Opel and Bitter SC, and I still do appraisals for insurance reasons. I also keep a eye on the prices that the cars sell for here, eBay, Bring-A-Trailer, etc.. That said, all prices are based on how much you want it and how much someone wants to sell it to you for. I do my best to give you an educated guess as to what that value should or could be.

    Distance and transportation can be a factor as well.. It all comes down to what you are willing to pay for it or sell it for.

    As for how much will it cost to restore..?

    A old rule of thumb is the cost to get to the next level is the difference between the two levels multiple by the number of levels.

    Want a #2 - $10000 GT from a #5 - $2000 parts car. .? Thats $8000 x 3 or $24,000

    Want a #4 - $6000 and starting with a #6 $1500 car..? Budget $4500 x 2 or $9,000

    Often what is spent is more than the car is worth.. but that's not an Opel thing.. that's a classic car thing in general.

    Its possible to do better, based on getting a better quality car to start with and having the skills and tools to do the work yourself.

    Virtually ANY car that has irreversible bodywork done to it, will value no better than a #4 to start with.. ( Roughly $8,000 )

    (A few "Tribute" cars Conrero, Aero GT, and other Vintage racing models.. IF done to an OEM level of fit and finish could value as high as a #3 )

    ORIGINAL Period Correct special models can not be valued due to their rarity. I.E. One of the two FACTORY Aero GTs..

    This is due to the value guides being based on a totally stock car, to make judging and valuation of the cars more equal for an appraiser.
    Also due to the fact that most modifications don't meet a OEM or professional fit and finish. BUT when they do.. who knows what value can bring.

    The way these are valued is to go by the #3 or #4 price for paint/interior condition, then add the "value" of the customizations.

    Some examples of "rough" values for certain standard upgrades.

    • 2.0L upgrade - $0 ( NO more value than a 1.9L Rebuild and Values #3-#5 assume a good running motor)
    • EFI Upgrade - $0-$1000 ( Depends on the quality of the install and run-ability )
    • 2.xL upgrade - $2000-$5000 ( depending on quality and age )
    • Getrag upgrade - $2000-$3000 ( depending on quality and age )
    • Body Kits - $0-+$10000 depending on quality and age or the work.

    As noted above professionally executed Aero GT clone, Conrero Clone, or professionally installed period correct kits like Steinmetz flares, etc.. can be worth more.. While homemade spoiler / Skirts / etc... if poorly done can lower the value of the car. This comes down to buyer and seller negotiation.

    Examples :

    Professional Steinmetz kit w/ Professionally installed 2.5L/EFI/Getrag - $8,000 + $10,000 + $10000 = $28,000
    MINT (#3) Stock looking GT with 2.5/EFI/Getrag - $10,200 + $10,000 = $20,200
    Daily Driver #4 with Getrag - $6,000 + $2,000 = $8,000

    NOTE: This is only a guideline for custom vehicles, as opinions can vary greatly as can the prices.